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Nordic Looners shutting down during the Corona Pandemic


So i managed to finally get home with one of the very last flight departures from the US yesterday - been on vacation for the past 1,5 week. And i'm now trying to get a hold of our current situation. Denmark, where we are located, is basically locked down. The borders are closed - heck the whole world is basically locked down at this point - it's an extremely surreal reality to return home to. A lot of restrictions have been made, first of all, i'm required to go into quarantine for the next 14 days after returning from a foreign country, next to that pretty much all foreign shipping is either suspended or heavily delayed due to pretty much all air traffic being suspended, so the packages leaving the country has to be shipped either by land or sea at this moment - and the countries receiving packages at all are becoming smaller and smaller every day. Therefore we had to make the decision to "shut down" operations for at least the next 14 days (or until postage services gets somewhat back to normal), as we can simply not guarantee any deliveries at this point. So we will reach out to the customers who've placed an order that has not yet been fulfilled and shipped yet with an option to cancel the order, or wait for the world to open up again and have the order shipped immediately thereafter. It's a really messed up situation, but unfortunately we don't feel like we have any choice :( If you really need to get something shipped, can't wait AND your country is able to receive packages and we're able to send to you, then exceptions can be made at your own risk. But as of right now, we kindly ask for your understanding, and patience. And also, if you can afford it, please DON'T cancel your order, as we need all the help we can get in order to get the company through this crisis. Laila and I still haven't made anything from this business venture, and we're still doing it in our limited sparetime with our passion for the looner community and our pursuit to provide people like us with affordable and high quality balloons. All profit we've had for the past 5 years have all been re-invested into our warehouse in order to expand the selection and inventory in general. So we really need your support - and we greatly appreciate it.

Thanks for your understanding!

All the best, #StaySafe and #StayHome
Laila & Dennis // Nordic Looners

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