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Tuf-Tex is back in stock!

Tuf-Tex is back in stock!


What's better than balloons?

NEW BALLOONS! That's right, a new Tuf-Tex shipment, directly from the factory in Ohio USA just arrived, and includes a lot of new stuff, as well as all of the good old familiar products. 

So what's the new stuff?

Well our biggest ( not literally) new product is that we can finally provide the popular "You wanna play" Print on a gorgeous 24" Tuf-Tex balloon, in assorted crystal colors!

Besides that we got all available smiley prints in all sizes, the "Sale" and "Grand opening" print.

Most important of all, we launched new products dedicated to full bag purchases :)

So we hope you like the new update, as you see on the picture, we were pretty excited about it ^_^

Have a good one!

Laila and Dennis

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