The air has left the balloon: Nordic Looners is closing :(

Thank you for 8 wonderful years. During this time we have expedited roughly 4000 orders, worth 3.000.000 DKK of balloons.

In 2014 Laila, I (Dennis) and Henning started Nordic Looners with a goal of providing great quality balloons to looners like ourselves. Fast forward 5 years, where Laila and i split up, and Henning stepping down due to personal reasons. On top of that, i went in fulltime on my consultancy business last year, meaning 60 hours of work a week, and then doing the orders, support and procurement for the shop next to that. So it was not really the most difficult decision to make, as i can simply not handle a project we started out 3 people myself, while also sustaining myself with my day job.

Thank you so much for supporting us all this time!